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Migrant Birds as Indicators of Climate Change (13–16 December 2018, Gdańsk, Poland) – conference announcement

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Across the globe migrant birds are confronted by and adapt to climate change and effects of human development during various stages of their life cycles. Afro-Palearctic migrants can serve as indicators of the effects of climate change across Europe and in Africa. While migrant birds know no borders, their continued existence depends on international collaboration of scientists and conservationists. Therefore, we gather in Gdansk as bird researchers from Europe and Africa, to share knowledge, discuss our concerns and explore potential solutions. We aim to generate a better understanding of issues relating to the conservation of migrant birds, as well as to set up collaborative projects on migrant landbird research.

Information about the conference and the preliminary programme are presented below. We encourage participants to offer presentations for the proposed sessions, and to produce posters (in either English or Polish). We welcome suggestions, especially for offers of additional workshops or topics for discussion. Suggestions for workshops and discussion themes can be sent to:

Further details and preliminary progremme can be found in the Conference Announcement. Registration open via REGISTRATION FORM.

Magda Remisiewicz, Les Underhill & Wouter Vansteelant

Conference e-mail:

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