1st EUFLYNET Meeting & Training School, 28 February–1 March 2024, Jastarnia, POLAND

On behalf of the EUFLYNET Management Committee and the Local Organisers – the Bird Migration Research Station, we invite you to join the first in-person meeting of the EUFLYNET COST Action CA22117:  “A European flyway research network for the effective conservation of migrant landbirds”. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 28 February – Friday 1 March 2024, at Jastarnia in POLAND. The conference venue is the Hotel Dom Zdrojowy in Jastarnia, Poland.

The meeting will provide the EUFLYNET participants an opportunity to meet, plan collaborative activities to achieve the main aim if this COST Action, which is “To determine the key factors regulating population dynamics of migrant landbird species so that conservation actions can be effectively targeted across the flyway of each species”. We expect about 140 participants from across Europe and Africa. The registration for the meetings is through the e-COST website.

The location is at the prime birdwatching location of the Hel Penninsula, a few steps away the Baltic beach and a short walk to Gdańsk Bay coast on the opposite side, and a few kilometers away of the ringing station Hel of our monitoring project Operation Baltic. The best way to get to Jastarnia is to travel by plane, train, or bus to the city of Gdynia, and take a local train to Jastarnia, or to drive straight there by a car. See the travel advice HERE.

Tourist information about the region of Northern Kashubia where we will meet, and the project “Norda – the Land of Birds” can be found HERE. We recommend the guide “On the trail of Northern Kashubian Manors and Palaces”, and maps and info on best birding and wildlife sites “Northern Kashubia for 4 seasons

Winter at Jastarnia is coming! See you there.