Long-term changes in numbers, timing and migratoriness in response to climate change in birds moving between the Baltic region and wintering grounds .

Coordinators: Dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz, Dr inż. Jarosław K. Nowakowski,

Participants: BMRS team,

Collaborators: Poland: KSSOP network, Croatia: Iva Šoštarić (University of Zagreb),

Nigeria: Dr Yahkat Barshep (AP Leventis Institute of Ornithology).

South Africa: Prof. Les G. Underhill, Dr Dieter Oschadleus, Megan Loftie-Eaton, Jerome Ainsley, Jacqui Badenhorst, Dane Paijmans (Animal Demography Unit, SAFRING, University of Cape Town); Dr Marc Burman (Animal Demography Unit, Centre for Statistics in Ecology, Environments and Conservation, University of Cape Town); Joel Avni (SAFRING, Bird’s-Eye View Productions); Anthony J. Tree (SAFRING); Sampie van der Merwe, AnDrew Mvundle, Amos Koloti, Lebo Moeti, Boitumelo Keebine, Piet Mogolegwa, Sydwell Setuki, (Barberspan Bird Sanctuary, NW Parks Board);  Dr Zephné Bernitz, Prof. Herman Bernitz (SAFRING, University of Pretoria); Prof. Darrell Abernethy (University of Pretoria).


This research is linked to the project “Building an Early Warning System for Biodiversity in the Face of Climate Change”, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) in Poland, and by the South African National Research Foundation (NRF), within the Poland-South Africa Agreement in Science and Technology (PL-RPA/BEW/01/2016).


PhD theses:


Burman M. S. 2016. Citizen science reveals complex changes in barn swallow phenology in South Africa over three decades. PhD Thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town.  Supervisor: prof. Les G. Underhill, co-supervisors: dr Res Altwegg, dr Birgit Erni, dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz.


In progress:

Badenhorst J. Changes in distribution, seasonality and abundance of Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio and Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa  striata in Europe and Africa”. Animal Demography Unit, Uniwersytet w Kapsztadzie, RPA. Supervisor: Prof. Les G. Underhill, co-supervisors: Dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz, prof. Bruno Bruderer.


MSc theses:


Šoštarić I. 2016. Sex differences in morphology and migration strategies of Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita Vieillot) and Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus Linnaeus) in northern Poland. (University in Zagreb, Croatia). Supervisor: Prof.  Ivana Maguire, co-supervisor: Dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz.


In progress:

Maciąg T. 2017. Wieloletnie trendy liczebności wybranych gatunków wróblowych w trakcie wiosennej i jesiennej migracji przez polskie wybrzeże Bałtyku [Many-year trends in numbers of selected passerine species during spring and autumn migration on the Polish Baltic coast]. Supervisor: Dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz.

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