Wing morphology in passerines as an evolutionary response to environmental conditions and degree of migratoriness


Coordinators: Dr inż. Jarosław K. Nowakowski, Dr hab. Magdalena Remisiewicz,

Participants: BMRS team,

Collaborators: Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland; Dr Zephné Bernitz, Prof. Herman Bernitz (SAFRING, University of Pretoria, South Africa); Joel Avni (SAFRING, Bird’s-Eye View Productions, South Africa); Ornithological Research Centre, Ondokuz Mayis University (Turkey)


PhD theses:

In progress:

Szulc J. Wpływ dystansu migracji na morfologię skrzydła u przedstawicieli rodzin Acrocephalidae i Locustellidae. Supervisor: Prof. Dr hab. Włodzimierz Meissner, co-supervisor: Dr inż.  Jarosław K. Nowakowski.



Nowakowski J.K., Chruściel J. 2008. An index to estimate the wing area in a small passerine, using the Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) as a case study. The Ring 30: 1-12.


Nowakowski J.K., Szulc J., Remisiewicz M. 2014.The further the flight, the longer the wing: Relationship between wing length and migratory distance in Old World reed and bush Warblers (Acrocephalidae and Locustellidae). Ornis Fennica 91: 178-186.